Parenting & family support

Research has shown that parenting an autistic child (or teen) can be more stressful than parenting children with other types of challenges. We provide parent and family support, whether it’s for short-term consultations or ongoing therapy.

Parent & sibling sessions

Maybe you have found that many of the parenting “tips and tricks” that other parents share don’t seem to work with your child. Parenting an autistic child can cause isolation from other parents, stress on marital relationships, financial stress, family conflict, and stress for siblings.

Parent sessions can provide a space to process the emotional stress of parenting and the expectations you have of your autistic child. Parenting sessions can be an opportunity to discuss strategies and help both parents get on the same page in terms of how to best support your child. It can also be helpful for a clinician to help make sense of your child’s behaviors or challenges; we find that this helps build empathy and patience, facilities communication within the family, and helps identify the most effective parenting strategies. We also provide support to siblings who need their own space to talk through the impact of having an autistic sibling.

Happy family taking a walk
Family smiling spending time together