Peer Consultation

Dr. Sterling regularly provides consultation to peers (other providers) seeking support for their neurodiverse clients.

Working with neurodiverse clients? Need some guidance?

Options include one-time or ongoing case consultation focused on a specific therapy case. Dr. Sterling also offers consultation regarding assessment approaches and diagnostic conceptualization for autism evaluations.

We also offer consultation to clinical teams, learning centers, schools and other groups. Consultation often includes discussion about specific cases, especially when clients or students present with neurodivergence (e.g., autism, ADHD, giftedness.)

Consultation may also include educational talks to professional groups. Examples of lecture and discussion topics include neurodiversity, diagnostic indicators of autism, strength-based language and approaches, and co-morbidity between autism and other psychiatric diagnoses (e.g., OCD, ADHD, personality disorders, learning differences, giftedness or “twice exceptional” students and adults, and mood disorders.) We are open to requests for various related topics, and each talk or workshop is designed specifically for your team.

Dr. Sterling has also provided consultation to businesses and companies seeking better understanding about inclusivity and support for neurodiverse employees, including how to make the workplace environment more neurodiverse-friendly.

If you would like to learn more about peer consultation or to book a meeting, please contact us at

Dr. Lindsey Sterling at an autism guidance consultation
Dr. Lindsey Sterling at an autism guidance consultation