Process groups for neurodivergent teens & young adults

Process groups

Many neurodivergent teens and young adults experience daily stressors that are unique. It can cause them to feel isolated and they often feel exhausted trying to explain their differences and needs to others. Meeting with other neurodivergent individuals and talking through similar experiences can be validating and rewarding.

We offer weekly virtual groups for teens and young adults. The purpose of these groups is different from a traditional social skills group. Instead, the goal is to connect several unique, neurodivergent individuals together and discuss and process relevant topics in their everyday lives. In discussing these topics together in a supportive and nonjudgmental format, participants can share their experiences and learn from their peers. The process group provides an environment where differences can be embraced and celebrated, while still validating the challenges that can come with being neurodivergent. Groups are facilitated by a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in neurodiversity.

Prior to beginning each 8-week group session, participants complete a survey so they can select topics most important to them. Depending on the age and composition of the group, potential topics may include masking, social burnout, friendships, relationships and dating, boundaries, social media, independent living skills, transitioning to college or applying for jobs/managing work politics, family dynamics and communicating with family members, and managing intense emotions like anxiety.

Enrollment for the groups is ongoing and based on age and other demographics. Groups start at various times throughout the year and run for 8 weeks. If you are interested in participating or being added to our waiting list, please reach out to to inquire about upcoming groups for different age ranges.

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